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Daniel Muhindi was recommended to me by my health care professional to work with me in continuing to increase my mobility following surgeries on my right leg and spine with extensive physical therapy over a  two year period resulting from an accident. We discussed my needs and his qualifications, credentials and experience as a certified Kenyan trainer. I started training with Daniel July 10, 2014.


Daniel explained how he wanted me to train and we developed the training plan adapting it from "training the Kenyan way" since I was walking with a walker and trying to graduate to using a cane.  My muscles were still very weak and I had trouble balancing so we started slowly--a 20 minute walk followed by leg massage the first day. Then a rest day.  He gradually increased each walk time as my muscles became more toned and the muscle cramps diminished. We worked up to an hour a day over about a month's time and then increased that time to 2 hours a day when the legs became toned and the muscle cramps stopped.


He not only got me walking again but also encouraged me to prepare for my first walking marathon which I successfully completed September 26, 2014--a little over two month's time with his training including nutritional advice. I lost weight and feel great! 


Daniel was professional yet friendly and helpful assuring that I "trained the Kenyan way" throughout the process. 


I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is recovering from an injury/accident, those training for a marathon or those who want to achieve improved physical fitness and a healthy diet.


I look forward to further fitness training with Daniel to maintain and improve my fitness in completing my next marathon.


Julie M. Wilson, Retired IBM Executive

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